How writing blogs for products help getting more sales?

How does writing blogs for products help to get more sales?

With almost 4 billion people worldwide currently connected to the web, there has never been a far better time for businesses to incorporate blogging into their marketing strategy.

Blogging helps you drive website traffic and advocate your products while organically building trust with potential customers. 

In this post, we will be discussing how writing blogs can boost your sales. 

1. Blogging increases the traffic to your website.

Every time you create and publish a blog post, it is indexed and can be accessed through the internet by a simple search engine results page. The higher the number of blog posts, the higher is the probability of the blog showing up on the first page. 

Blogging is thus a cheaper way of driving traffic to your website than paying for the ads. 

2. Reach more crowd through social media

Blogging provides an opportunity to get discovered via social media. The articles can be shared to social networks such as , Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest as content providing further exposure. 

Instead of always asking your social media manager to make fresh content for social media (or creating that content yourself), your blog can function as that repository of content.

Blog content strengthens the social reach, the social reach drives new visitors to your website. Quite a symbiotic relationship, I need to say.

3. Converting traffic into leads

The more considerable traffic resulting from blogging means a more significant chance to convert website traffic into leads. 

The way this works is straightforward: Just add something that can generate leads from every blog post. We don’t need to learn about the different tactics used in this article.

Blogs don’t convert 100% of the traffic into leads. So you need to start blogging and create more content for the audience to see.  Set benchmarks of views and break them.

4. Blogging helps with the Google algorithm.

The posts you create helps your company to be seen more on google search. Blogging has a positive relationship with visibility. 

When you create articles that aren’t only valuable to your potential customers but also to other companies that your audience sees as industry leaders, it’d be easier to know relevant links.

Links for authoritative websites function as a vote of confidence or suggestion from other websites. And it signals to Google that you’re reliable and an expert in your industry.

5. Long term benefits

Blog posts can drive traffic for a long duration. Blogs on hot topics can rank for a considerable time. Since that post is now ranking, it means for days, weeks, months, and years to return, you’ll still get traffic from that blog post. So while it’s getting to desire day one or bust, actually, blogging acts more like this.

6. Blogging helps build a community.

Brands truly become big when they become a religion like Apple. Blogging allows you to do just that. A place for customers to interact amongst themselves or the company is perfect. Just giving the impression that customers’ voices are heard is necessary for the company’s growth. 


Blogging has become a necessity in digital times.  For a business to become successful, blogging needs to be appropriately done by professionals.

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